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Natalia Pastushenko In 1996 she graduated from the Ukrainian Academy of Arts and Architecture in Kyiv, the Architecture department, the School of Prof.IhorShpara.

She engaged in graphics, painting, book illustration, as well as interior design.

She gives individual lessons in drawing and painting for children.

In 2007 she was a member of the GaudePoloniascholarship program of the Minister of Culture of Poland.

Nataliia is the author of illustrations for 18 children’s books.

She fulfilled more than 30 design projects of bank interiors,television studios, exhibition halls, cafes, clubs, private houses and apartments.

Nataliia participated in numerous exhibitionsin Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

She mastered the original author's techniquewhich enables to unite graphic and pictorial techniques in her paintings. Frequently, she prefersto work with acrylic, ink and pigmented lacquers.


     That which, generally speaking, differentiates the indigenous Russian and Ukrainian art from the Western European art are the deeply rooted in the core of tradition of this area, elements of aesthetics of the East. For centuries, from the great Byzantine culture, through the adopted from there Christianity in the Eastern rite, as well as direct contact of ancient Russia and the Crimean Tatars and Asian invaders, wandered the taste for ornaments, elaborate ornamentation, decorative styling, compacting the forms in a certain kind of horror vacui and visual splendor of strong colors. Until now, it survived in the Ukrainian folk art and decorative arts. In its pure artistic forms it mostly disappeared - total globalization, the flow of information - including the visualones,unified the modern world; also the language of visual arts.

       The so-called high art has become transnational: works created by contemporary artists in Europe, Asia, the Americas and even Africa, affect similar problems, and their creators use similar means of expression. Sometimes, however, the elements of local traditions, forms developed over centuries, meanings and symbols inseparably connected with a given culture, are becoming an appealing source of inspiration and references, as well as resource of artistic forms different from the universal ones.

       One of the artists who refer in their works to art rooted in the national tradition is also Kyiv artist, Natalia Pastuszenko. Her colorful, precisely drawn compositions pulsate with mantric rhythm of ornament.

Their oriental charm is emphasized by flexible, softlymeandering lines of the drawing and the richness of decorative, meticulously drawn and painted details. Flatly laid and framed with contour, small spots of colors, precisely matchedevoke associations with splendor of Eastern mosaics. Skillfully contrasted colors are gaining in intensity, highlighted by black contours, form a complex structure of tissue composition. Emerging from it, more or less literal, representations ofstylized human and animal characters refer the viewer to the literary, with a fairy-tale character, associations and interpretations.

In a part of the works - in particular landscapes - she resigns from the drawing, building the mood with more painterly means of expression: the subtle transitions for color, a wide scale of saturation and the softness of the treatment of chiaroscuro relations.

    A completely different group of works is a drawing series Pictures for Milosz, inspired by the poetry of Czeslaw Milosz.

It is the result of her fascination with Polish literature and culture. In black, ink, more painted than drawn, lines of the illustration one no longer sees the oriental styling, although its gentle softness is still present. Their content, the climate is inferred from a particular piece of prose or poetry of the writer and supplemented by own, intense emotions of the artist.

    Chamber works of Natalia Pastuszenko arealso close to poetry: through the mood, visual subtlety, number of literary references. Its oriental character creates the additional value of plastic dialogue with the original native tradition, as well as proves the authenticity of an artistic creation, supported by imagination, sensitivity and talent.


Stanisława Zacharko,

BWA, Kielce




1992 Travelling exhibition "ANTI-AIDS", the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany;
1994 Exhibition and action at the Museum "KosoiKaponir", Kyiv;
1994 "By inculcation path", after theplein-air exhibition, the White Synagogue,
1995 "The World against Extremism and Fascism", the National Art          
 Exhibition, the Artist’s House, Kyiv;
1996 "4 Windows - New Ukrainian Graphics",the White Synagogue, Sejny,
1996 "Timely Advanced ArtWorkers", "DAKH"Modern Art Centre, Kyiv;
1997 "D'EX-LIBRIS Paul Verlaine", Bibliotequemunicipale de Metz, France;
1997 "Communication Facilities","NAUKMA" Gallery, Kyiv;
1997 "18De Biennale van de kleingrafiek, Sint-Niklaas, Belgium;
1998 "Three Graces", the modern Ukrainian graphics, "Chіodna 20" Gallery,
Suwałki,"K2" Gallery, Gołdap,"Biaіa" Gallery,Giżycko, Muzeum
Powiatowe, Mikołajki, "Centrum Kultury" Gallery, Siedelce, Poland;
1998 "Fish Products",personal graphics exhibition, "Irena" Gallery, Kyiv;
2000 Personal graphics exhibition, "36" Gallery, Kyiv;
2001"Picturesque Ukraine", the National Art Exhibition, the Artist’s House, Kyiv,
2001 "Life on the wallpaper", the personal graphics exhibition, "DAKH" Modern
Art Centre, Kyiv;
2002 "My Inner World", the personal graphics exhibition, "SribniDzvony" Gallery, Kyiv;
2002 Christmas National Art Exhibition, the Artist’s House,Kyiv;
2002 "Ukrainian Women - Artists",the National Art Exhibition, the Artist’s
2002 Personal graphics exhibition, "Papuciarnia"Gallery, Sejny, Poland;
    "Warta - Lengerich", Lengerish, Germany,after the plein-air exhibition;
   "Ausgleichsamt", graphics, Karlsruhe, German,exhibition member;
2005 "Riga"Gallery, Baden-Baden, Germany,exhibition member;
2005 "The Devil's Claw and TheBell",after the plein-air exhibition,Wigry,
Łomża, Poland;
2006 "Man and Woman", paintings, graphics, exhibition member,
thePalace of Arts, Kraków, Poland;
2006 XXXX Premio Nazionale di Pittura e XXXIV Premio Internazionale di
GraficadelPomero, Mediolan, Italy;
2006 "The struggle between good and evil",after the plein-air exhibition,Tykocin,
Białystok, Poland;
2006 "Meeting in the garden", paintings, graphics, exhibition member,
thePalace of Arts, Kraków, Poland;
2007 "Children's Album", personal exhibition, Tea Club, Kyiv;
2007 "Meeting in the city", paintings, graphics,exhibition member,
thePalace of Arts, Kraków, Poland;
2007 "Ukrainian tales", the personal exhibition of illustrations cycle for the      
         Borderlands’ talesunder the scholarship project GaudePolonia,
theBorderlands’ House,Sejny, Poland;
2007 "What are we afraid?" after the plein-air exhibition,Siemianówka, Łomża,
          Tamara Solonevich Gallery in Narewka, Poland;
2007 "ODYSSEY" paintings, graphics, "Honey" Gallery, Kraków, Poland;
2008 "What we believe?" after the plein-air exhibition,Iława, Olsztyn, Łomża,          Poland;
2009 "Metaphysical meeting", paintings, drawings, exhibition member,
thePalace of Arts, Kraków, Poland;
2009 Personal exhibition "Children's Album","Irena" Gallery, Kyiv;
2009 "Woman's painting","36"Gallery, Kyiv;
2009 Paintings and Graphics, exhibition at the of Modern Art Gallery of the
MuseumPółnocno-Mazowieckie, Łomża, Poland;
2009 "What we like?" after the plein-air exhibition, Łomża,Białystok, Poland;
2009 Personal exhibition in the "Gallery of one picture", Suwałki, Poland;
2009 Paintings, graphics,"W & L" Gallery, Kraków, Poland;
2009 "Art Office" paintings and graphics, Suwałki, Poland;
2009 "36" Gallery, exhibition memberof the Gallery’scollection;
2009 Christmas all-Ukrainian National Art Exhibition, the Artist’s House, Kyiv;
2010 "Simple Things", the personal exhibition of paintings and graphics,
Mykolaiv,the Gallery in the Street Spasska, 45;
2010 After the plein-air exhibition at the Culture House in Tarnobrzeg, Poland;
2011-2012 "My Inner World",the personal exhibition of paintings and graphics,
BWA Gallery,Kielce,"U Petra" Gallery in Bolestraszyce and TDK Gallery
inTarnobrzeg, Poland;
2013 "Moments",the personal exhibition, I.P. Kavaleridze Workshop and
2013 After the plein-air exhibition at the Culture House in Tarnobrzeg, Poland;
2014 "Anticipation of Spring", the personal exhibition, "Window" Gallery,
2014 "Holiness and secularism" after the plein-air exhibition, the Museum
Północno-Mazowieckie, the Modern Art Gallery, Łomża, Poland;
2014Personal paintings exhibition, "ES" Gallery, Poland;



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